Zildjian cymbal dating stamps

In that sense, I’m not so quick to agree that they are/were any more consistent than their Turkish cousins.

A New Stamp is basically a New Stamp, an Old Stamp an Old Stamp, etc, etc.

But, of course, much more important than how they were made is how they sound–now!

To me, Old A’s are a class act suited for the most wide range of musical types out there.

These include: 20" ride, 18" Thin crash, 16" MT crash, 14" hats, 10" splash (x2).

Also with a JG (2007) is a 22" Constantinople High Bell.

I think Zildjian has a q&a section on their website.

You might be able to surmise the cymbal type by investigating yourself, though, I have done this in the past. I just finished inventorying and noting the serial numbers of my cymbals.

That would have to mean the information you have would have had to come from people who are now dead (unless you were standing right there when they were stamped every cymbal).

So that means the letters continue in the same pattern and I assume that JI (2009) will be next. Variations of the famous Zildjian Trademark have been in existence for hundreds of years.

And if the same process is applied they will switch the letter in 2010? One might think that each succeeding trademark change would allow for a specific period of time to be associated with that marking.

This information allows us to know EXACTLY when each new instrument was created, what craftsmen were involved in its manufacture, and what procedures were incorporated during production.

Anyone looking to date their cymbals that have this lot number within the trademark can contact one of our customer service representatives to acquire this information.

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