Young women dating men cerebral palsy

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Dear Alice, I am dating a wonderful, intelligent, and caring man who happens to have cerebral palsy.

Holding back will undoubtedly require some patience on your part, but meanwhile may foster an atmosphere of trust and emotional intimacy, both of which are elements of sexuality that makes the whole thing more exciting, safe, and deeply felt.

Try to take risks along with him, so that the excitement and fear of exposure is there for you both.

I am the kind of person who expresses things physically; through hugs, caresses, kisses, etc.

As with any behavior that makes someone in a relationship uncomfortable, it might be a good idea to go slow with the hugs and kisses and physical affection until your boyfriend is more comfortable with it.

Cerebral palsy or not, people have their own pacing of how quickly they like to move into physicality.

He might have also felt desexualized by overprotective parents, care-givers, or women who respond to his with kindness but without sexual interest, factors which many people with disabilities feel frustrated by.

This self-protective habit can start to turn around with a gradual building of confidence, in which you assure your boyfriend through words and actions that you find him attractive and sexually desirable, and he lets himself gradually start to believe you.

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