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Nashuans for more than 60 years now have associated the Friendship Club with its home atop Orchard Heights, which was given the address 35 Orchard Ave. But for its first seven years, club members, with no clubhouse to call their own, met at the homes of some of their founders on a rotating basis. One of Nashua’s several robust civic and fraternal organizations in the post-World War II era, the Nashua Lions Club adopted as its community service project for 1954 the construction of the building that has since been the club’s home.

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That’s not to say there hasn’t been some sadness going around since veteran Lion Ed Lecius, at one time a director of Lions International, broke the news.When Lecius’s Lions predecessors – Ed was somewhere between and infant and a toddler at the time – undertook the clubhouse project in early 1954, adults with disabilities had few if any options for continued education, employment training or socializing.Lecius said, referring to social services and advocacy agencies that now operate in Greater Nashua. Vagge, who owned a Rambler dealership and would later become Nashua mayor.The club building is going on the market soon, but the few remaining members vow to keep in touch with each other.The plaque unveiled during the dedication of the Friendship Club building nearly 64 years ago is one of several historical artifacts that will be preserved when the building is sold, Lions Club officials said.

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