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She cried out as I penetrated her and then moaned as I started to move in and out. The remainder lay upon the floor like carelessly strewn pillows. Her head hung in abject exhaustion, but when she lifted her head I could see that it was Satine. I had no idea until then that the same eyes that had flirted with me this morning could hold so much pure malice. Emmanuelle was cool and serene, as she nearly always was. Fond memories of my first night on the island sprung into my mind. Using Satine’s breasts for leverage, I fucked her cunt as she hung before me.

Bending her over a stack of boxes, I entered her from behind. My hands drifted to her neck and to her short hair and I held her with a hand on each, gripping hard. Face up or face down, by their ankles or their hair, breasts bound by leather cords, in poses of embarrassment, discomfort or pain. The other was white-skinned and blonde-haired, full-bosomed as well. I obviously couldn’t allow the challenge to go unanswered.” He winked at me. “By decree of the Commodore, they are allowed to choose the punishment for the transgressors.” “They chose execution on this night,” the Commodore said, “as dictated by me.” I nodded. But as my penetration went deeper, I heard the breathy exhale between her teeth.

This is to allow a reserve selection for when someone is raised to a new membership level.

Grade-As are normally available only if the current supply exceeds nine.

” “Nothing, master,” she said, and kissed me longer.

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When we got out, she dried every inch of my body, ending on her knees before me. When I was done, I pulled her to me and kissed her, deeply. I don’t know how it works.” “Well, if you’d like to browse, sir, come this way.” Satine showed me to a wall mounted screen. “I’m looking for some and I don’t know much about them.” “Well,” the girl asked, “what’s her coloring and complexion? A large metal spit was inserted into Satine’s anus. I felt a wisp of air and Emmanuelle was there, beside me. “The show is beginning.” Past him, I could see the girls being prepared for roasting. Evan is quite the kisser.” I smiled at the brunette. It’s Gillian, the Grade-A blonde.” “Vivian had a daughter,” I whispered. I browsed through the aisles, not looking for anything in particular, when I felt a pair of eyes upon me. She stared at me with a hot look and ran her fingers through her short blonde hair.

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