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If the average living writer, over their entire lifetime, falls somewhere between Isaac Asimov and Harper Lee, they might produce 0.05 words per minute over their entire lifetime.

If you were to read for 16 hours a day at 300 words per minute, periods, writers are producing somewhere between 0.1 and 1 word per minute, then one dedicated reader might be able to keep up with a population of about 500 or 1,000 active writers.

Typing and writing speeds are so different because the limit on writing speed is how quickly our brains can organize, produce, and edit stories.

This "storytelling speed" has probably changed much less over time than our physical writing speed has.

'Cause it's a bit bold to claim there's a correlation between (some somehow-objective measure of) attractiveness and chance of leaving the dating pool early, based solely on "it stands to reason"...

Okay, so I want a piece of this discussion five years late.

It's reasonable to assume historical writers had a similar range of speeds.

Harper Lee wrote the 100,000-word , the prolific writer Isaac Asimov estimated that he had published about 15,000,000 words between age 30 and 50.Certainly; the extreme unacceptability of dating teenagers is why I was opposed to the original idea of dating people with the same amount of experience as oneself.Socially stunted 30 year olds, if they want to date, have to date people in the 22-46 age range, who are going to have much more dating experience than themselves.I think two of the early posters suggested the best mathematics and the best justification for it (combined).The math was the difference of the logs of the ages.

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