Would you like to resume updating this podcast

Even if the specific position may not be as relevant, try to make your accomplishments specific to the job you’re applying for.

For example, I had worked as a research assistant for a hospital in Toronto for my first paid gig (you can check out that resume in the next section).

You may feel silly while doing it, but trust me — it’ll be worth it once you land that interview (and maybe a job offer! Oh and, if you can, get a career counselor to review your resume.

As a threat-intel analyst, one must be a jack-of-all-trades, not overspecializing in any one thing.

If you go into work tomorrow and do something awesome, the resume your handed out yesterday won’t reflect it. Not to mention the fact that taking the time to learn how to build a website is an impressive feat in itself.

(Especially since most people still think you need to be a programmer to make one). Check out Thomas’s complete website building guide to create your own from scratch.

Now, assuming you have a personal website, you really need to have the URL listed at the top of your resume.

Here’s how: By doing this, you give the person holding your resume a way to stay updated and view the most current professional picture of you.

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