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The motto on the crest is ‘Progress, Industry, Humanity’, which still chimes well with our priorities today.

As well as the crest, we are using an updated colour scheme, with shades of green, blue, burnt orange and sand that all feature in the crest.

Using only the crest in future will give us a more consistent image and will better reflect the whole of the district and our rich history.

The civic crest is based on our coat of arms, which was granted in 1976, but has origins as far back as 1847 and the original ‘Bradford shield’.

If done properly, the next time I run Power Shell not as administrator, it will run with your new settings. Windows 8 will look for the program and the results should look like the image below. The Windows Power Shell window should pop-up in the desktop.

The green boxes highlight key items of doing the search. The title of the windows should read “Administrator: Windows Power Shell”.

I changed the layout using the Properties pop-up window and after I left-click the The error message contained in the pop-up window would look like this: This error happened because Power Shell was run not as administrator and when I changed Power Shell Properties, it was trying to ensure that my changes stick the next time I wanted to run Power Shell again.

The solution to this problem is to simply run Power Shell as administrator and change the Power Shell Properties. Run Power Shell as administrator In your Start Screen, type the word “powershell”.

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There are three new media widgets added in Word Press 4.8 i.e., image, audio, and video widgets.

The new and improved text widget now has buttons to make text bold, italic, add lists, and links.

This reduces the coding skills required to use this widget.

But as we replace or refresh Council property and materials across the district we will now be using the civic crest.

Even while we used the blue and orange logo, the civic crest never dropped out of use, and was still shown in certain places.

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