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The victim then went to his parents, who contacted police.Stancl told the victims that he was an extortion victim himself and was being forced to have sex with them and photograph it in order to prevent other photos of himself from being exposed.His attorney says he lost a number of friends over this and became a loner."He had a strong desire to fit in with everyone," Kuhary told Threat Level."I think that was why he went to the great length he did to appear that he wasn't gay and was just a victim [of extortion] like they were....One of the victims, who was 16 at the time, reported that after allowing Stancl to perform oral sex on him, the girl "Kayla" said it wasn't enough and threatened to post the oral sex pictures online if the victim didn't have anal sex with Stancl.After this occurred on two occasions, "Kayla" demanded the victim send her a nude photo of his brother as well.The workers contended the prison’s leaders do little to nothing about it.

He was expelled from New Berlin Eisenhower High School for allegedly making a bomb threat in November 2008. 12, two students found a note written on the wall of a men's bathroom that read "Bomb 11/14/08." Law enforcement conducted a sweep of the school but found no explosives. He denied writing the note on the bathroom wall, however, and said he sent the e-mails the next day only to "make it a better story."The sexual allegations only came to light after Stancl was already being investigated for the bomb threat.Suosittelemme, että kaikki käyttäjät valitsevat chatin Flash-version (tällä hetkellä käytössä).Vain premium-jäsenet voivat nähdä muiden käyttäjien nettikameroita.Tullaksesi elinikäiseksi premium (KULTA) -jäseneksi ja avataksesi tämän ominaisuuden, sinun tulee vain ostaa vapaavalintainen määrä poletteja kerran!A Wisconsin teenager was sentenced to 15 years in prison Wednesday for an extortion scheme that had him tricking male classmates into sending them nude photos of themselves, then blackmailing them with exposure if they didn't have sex with him.

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