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Békésy was able to observe the traveling waves along the basilar membrane that were produced by sound.

Loewi also investigated action of drugs able to blockade or assist nerve impulse transmission.«. Cuban pathologist and bacteriologist who was a member of the Reed Yellow Fever Board of the U. Army that discovered (1901) the role of the mosquito in the transmission of yellow fever. Agramonte had acquired immunity to yellow fever from a mild childhood case in Cuba before emigrating to the U.

All three scientists were honoured for their investigations of brain function, Wiesel and Hubel in particular for their collaborative studies of the visual cortex, which is located in the occipital lobes of the cerebrum.

Black-American physician and surgeon who was an authority on the preservation of human blood for transfusion.

Pearl was chief statistician at the Johns Hopkins Hospital (1919-35).

He pioneered studies in longevity, changes in world population, and genetics.

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