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After only a year with the show, Garrett was let go when the producers decided that they wanted to take the character in another direction. In March 1997, Carly Roberts becomes pregnant with alcoholic A. Quartermaine's child while she is involved with Dr. Initially, she insists the baby is Tony's, but when that relationship sours, she claims that Jason Morgan, A.J.'s brother, is the father to avoid any custody battles.Carly gives birth to a boy on December 29, 1997, whom Jason names Michael after his best friend and mentor, mobster Michael "Sonny" Corinthos.Jason comes to think of Michael as his son, but confides in his girlfriend Robin Scorpio that the child is A. Devastated that he is not the father, Tony has a breakdown and kidnaps Michael, though he is later recovered. Jason and Carly consider fleeing with Michael in 1999, but Carly decides to marry A. in a bid to drive him back to alcohol, thus rendering him an unfit parent. to divorce Carly, who moves in with Sonny, but loses the baby after a fall down the stairs during an argument with A. Carly and Sonny realize their feelings for each other, and are married. Carly and Sonny remarry, and Sonny adopts Michael, who takes his last name. fakes Michael's murder, and attempts to flee the country with his son. In 2007, Michael's longtime nanny Leticia Juarez and his aunt Emily Quartermaine are murdered, and Michael asks Sonny to seek revenge.Michael hits Claudia with an axe handle, instantly killing her.Sam and Jason find the family, and with Sonny's help agree to cover up the murder.He is sent to a long-term care facility in May 2008, Michael remains comatose for a year. Patrick Drake tries an experimental surgical procedure that awakens a now sixteen year old Michael in April 2009.Michael learns that Sonny has married and impregnated Claudia, and his mother has become pregnant by her husband Jax.

He also hears his mother screaming as Claudia attempts to flee the cabin with baby Josslyn.Claudia, who lost her baby in the accident, tasks Jerry Jacks with finding the teens.Jerry acts friendly towards them but puts guards on their hotel room so they cannot leave, raising red flags for Michael, who convinces Kristina they are in danger and have to escape.On July 21, 2009, Michael becomes enraged while driving and, because he vaguely recalls nearly hitting another car, comes to believe that he is responsible for running Claudia off the road.Michael runs away to Mexico to avoid getting in trouble with the law and his half-sister Kristina Davis insists on coming along.

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