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[tags: ancient civilizations, ancient greece, greeks] - Chapter one was about the prehistory era and it talked about the near eastern civilizations.

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Known simply as the Roman Empire or Romania by its contemporaries, the empire was centered on the capital of Constantinople and was ruled by emperors in direct succession to the ancient Roman emperors after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. The Han Dynasty was the second imperial dynasty of China, preceded by the Qin Dynasty (221 B. As emperor, Liu Bang took a series of measures that were good for his people.

In all of these civilizations there was one class in common, the scribe, someone who can read and write.

Scribes played a pivotal role in ancient civilizations, they were the reason we advanced throughout those ages, and against general belief, some of these scribes were women.

The two main agents of continuity were the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire and the Christian church. He ordered the reduction of field taxes on the peasants and let the armies go back to farming....

The Byzantine Empire existed for more than a thousand years (from approximately 306 to 1453).... When people began farming and settling down in one place it quickly became difficult to live is a society without any authority. The initial government was a Royal Theocracy, in which the society is controlled by religion. [tags: Ancient Civilizations ] - Every idea has a start and a history that can be traced back in time.

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