When did travis pastrana start dating lynz

Quotes: Don't talk 2 me I'm in my cootie bubble Leaves: MF a great friend; AO; 0549; Ice Cream achine that stole my money. ; immer "99" w/ MF KE MF AO NH & the rest of the guys; trying to convince TB to go; Clubing: Chinatown: 5 months of non-wasted time; ghetto trio I DVE U; whipped cream night; chillin w/ my girls. Life goes by so fast you only want to do what you think is right close your eyes and its past the storj of my life SOCIAL D.

Memorable Events: All my love to my gals, NH w/LF, JW.

I son, Jared (Jerry) 1 Robb Road 927-3939 Activities: Community Service Memorable Events: When Underwood lowered my grade lor arguing with him. Debate class, rolls, hitting the pool with DE, JS, Late nights.

Greg to 2 more years and My brother and cousin lo 3 more yen s I lupre, Melissa 8 School St.

#409 524-7867 Activities: many Memorable Events: KE B-Day in CSI, 4-21-99 E I in FC w/ KE: SPAIN!

JK, CB, PF, BV, JW, DC, RH Quotes: Who wants to bet? How bout them Red Sox Leaves: behind all my awful math grades to anyone who ants them ruz, Erica (Blue, Eureka, baby) 101 Rantoul St.

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