Warning signs of teen dating violence

5.) Explosive anger – Inability to control temper can lead to violence and other abusive behavior.6.) Isolates partner from friends and family – Abusers often attempt to isolate their partners from friends and family who can offer them help or assurances that the abuser’s behavior is inappropriate.

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Abusers often pinpoint victims who will allow for quick, intense involvement to the exclusion of other friends, parents, and a healthy social life.

Teen dating violence is preventable, and the goal of prevention is to stop dating violence before it even begins.

During the preteen and teen years, young people are still learning about what it takes to foster positive, healthy relationships with other people.

This is the time to promote and encourage healthy relationships and prevent a pattern of relationship violence that can last into adulthood.

ACCESS offers a wide range of behavioral health services and programs to help you or someone you know who may be a victim of dating violence.

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