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See more » Adapted by its director, Hossein Amini, from a little known novel by Patricia Highsmith "The Two Faces of January" turns out to be a highly satisfying tale of murder most foul very typical of Miss Highsmith.OK, so it's not on the same level as "The Talented Mr Ripley", "Plein Soleil" or "Strangers on a Train" but with its emphasis on plot rather than 'action' it's still a cut above a good many of today's so-called thrillers.Also typical of Highsmith is that the principal relationship in the film is between two men, (though one of them is married while the other starts to fall for the wife).The married one is Viggo Mortensen, apparently rich and touring Greece but also harboring a dark secret.After awhile Dundst's character becomes almost redundant as the men start to play power games with each other.Whereas the male/male relationships in other Highsmith adaptations were mostly homo-erotic with at least one of the characters clearly drawn as gay.

In this movie Mortensen is undoubtedly the jealous straight guy while Issac is just too nice, (he's too sweet to be a real con-man).

The wife is pert little Kirsten Dunst and the man who falls for her is tour guide Oscar Issac.

At first Issac thinks he has the upper hand, swindling Mortensen out of a few thousand dollars only to realize quite early in their relationship that he has bitten off more than he can chew.

However, the De Haviland Comet with square windows as seen in the film was discontinued years before.

The improved Comet 2 and the prototype Comet 3 culminated in the redesigned Comet 4 series which debuted in 1958.

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