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A god that is believed to be part of a pantheon–even the head of the pantheon–is not the same sort of God that Christians and Muslims believe in.

For instance, the Christian God is supposed to be omnipotent, but a member of a pantheon is inherently limited, if only by the power of the other gods.

Most people seem to be brainwashed into their parents’ religion since childhood.

I think people just find themselves holding some beliefs.

Having spent time in both monotheist and polytheist camps, I can tell you that the conceptual differences are very real and very relevant to this kind of argument.

If you say “faith” then you might as well have faith in any of the gods mentioned. Lennox doesn’t address this at all by comparing belief in gods to choices in sexual relationships. But rather worship Jesus Christ, who is the son of a no-named god simply called by a title “god” but also is the same exact being in some redneck, twisted sort of way.

atheists”, but “we should be consistent in our application of reason to truth claims”. They do not know him by a name, nor do they acknowledge any names. I really don’t get the kind of believe systems that dismisses so much wonderful tales, just because they think its heresy. I would love having it as a coulorfull poster on my wall, or as a t-shirt with all those names on the back.

Anyway, here’s a handy comparison between the gods Christians deny and the gods atheists deny. Let us celebrate our vast agreement on the non-existence of thousands of gods!

I don’t think they’re baffled because Yahweh is a god – but rather because they consider his existence to be obvious.

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