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I run across modern day development attempts all the time where a small group of preppers try to establish a Prepper housing development of like-minded people.They almost always fail and there are several good reasons: Finding a Ready-Made Retreat: The difficulties are numerous with this approach.With over 40 years experience consulting in this area I usually have to tell clients that the first is nigh unto impossible and the second, though possible, is very rare.And, when finished retreats do come on the market, the location, cost, or style often doesn’t match the client’s personal criteria.Let me break down these two difficult issues one by one.Like Minded Communities: The main reason this idea constitutes “the impossible dream” is that the desire to be prepared is about the only thing preppers have in common—everything else is all over the map.

But this growing disparity in financial resources makes it even more difficult for groups to work well together.

The first of the big like-minded Prepper communities to form and fail was the movement surrounding Col.

Bo Gritz who established a survival community in Kamiah, Idaho, called Almost Heaven.

The lesser endowed sometimes feel that those in the group with more money have an obligation to bail out the community when funds run short.

This too leads to the break up of communities that start out with common goals.

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