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Pandemic stages, as defined by the WHO in May 2005 : 13,000 genetic letters long.

The next step is to consult with scientists about which strains they would like to begin with and how to prioritize them.

(chickens, turkeys, ostriches (various AI virus strains have been isolated in recent years from clinically affected ostriches, in several countries.

All but one were not poultry-pathogenic : the only reported clinical outbreak in ostriches caused by a poultry-pathogenic strain (HPAI) was recorded in Italy (H virus are more closely related to avian influenza viruses than to influenza from any other species, indicating that an avian virus must have infected humans and adapted to them in order to spread from person to person.

The researchers found a wider variety of strains circulating at any one time than expected, and more instances of gene swapping.

Multiple lineages coexist at the same time and place, and the key thing is that they are reassorting and doing so quite frequently.

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These analyses will help us understand in detail the evolution of the influenza virus, taking into account more than just these genes.

We could then conduct worldwide surveillance for similar events involving contemporary avian viruses.

Deaths occurred predominantly in infants and the elderly during the 18 pandemics, while young adults were most severely affected in 1918.

Robert Webster of St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, for example, is involved in the sequencing project and has a repository of over 12,000 bird flu strains collected over 27 years.

NS1 and NS2 share 10 amino terminal residues, including the terminal methionine, and the NS2 protein is derived by m RNA splicing from segment 8 RNA.

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