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Paying for each message or chat can only give you the flawed PPL model, where people communicate with you because they earn money on it.

They also often ask questions, and then (without discussing your answer) immediately go into telling you about their view on the matter, so you feel as if there is some meaningful conversation.If you still didn’t get it: Your communication with the “typing slave” (substitute) has no link to the young lady in the pictures. The goal of the “typing slave” is to keep you hooked forever. This scheme is only possible when a suitor is overseas.It would never work with local guys where people want to meet each other a.s.a.p.But PPL sites won’t do it, because then they may have no one left: They created a model where they pay agents, who get them girls, for mails and chats.If they remove the need to pay for every message, they may see no one left to communicate.

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