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If you connected a e SATA bay or an other e SATA adapter the system will still recognize this disk as an internal SATA drive.GNOME and KDE will ask you for your root password all the time.The solution is to ensure that all system group names are present locally.Extract the group names referenced in udev rules and the group names actually present on the system: .udev loads kernel modules by utilizing coding parallelism to provide a potential performance advantage versus loading these modules serially. The inherent disadvantage of this method is that udev does not always load modules in the same order on each boot.

To prevent it from doing this, you can blacklist modules.

Create the file: Play a notification sound and send a desktop notification when screen brightness is changed according to power state on a laptop (a second ''udev'' rule actually changes the screen brightness) # Rule for when switching to battery ACTION=="change", SUBSYSTEM=="power_supply", ATTR=="Mains", ATTR=="0", ENV=":0", ENV="/home/USERNAME/.

Xauthority" RUN ="/usr/bin/su USERNAME_TO_RUN_SCRIPT_AS -c /usr/local/bin/brightness_notification.sh" # Rule for when switching to AC ACTION=="change", SUBSYSTEM=="power_supply", ATTR=="Mains", ATTR=="1", ENV=":0", ENV="/home/USERNAME/.

Hot-pluggable devices, such as USB devices, will probably have to be reconnected for the new rules to take effect, or at least unloading and reloading the ohci-hcd and ehci-hcd kernel modules and thereby reloading all USB drivers.

If rules fail to reload automatically: to see if anything is actually happening.

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