Updating uboot

The current Yocto Project policy regarding backporting is to consider bug fixes and security fixes only.

Policy dictates that features are not backported to a stable release.

updating uboot-64updating uboot-46updating uboot-6

After Intel Corporation acquired Opened Hand, the poky project became the basis for the Yocto Project's build system.Here are the steps to take to build and run your own buildtools installer: Creation of these toolchains is simple and automated.For information on toolchain concepts as they apply to the Yocto Project, see the "Cross-Development Toolchain Generation" section in the Yocto Project Overview and Concepts Manual.Once released, the release enters the stable release process at which time a person is assigned as the maintainer for that stable release.This maintainer monitors activity for the release by investigating and handling nominated patches and backport activity.

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