Updating pet microchip

Maybe your dog outlives you and you have it in your will that your sister gets him after you’re gone.Or you have a change in living circumstances and just can’t keep your best friend anymore, so you work with a rescue or find a new dog lover to take over. When you got your dog implanted, you should have received an activation card with an ID number and a phone number to call.A thorough physical exam, patient history, and an established veterinary-patient-client relationship is required to provide specific medical advice.If you are worried that your pet is having an emergency or if you have specific medical questions related to your pet’s current or chronic medical conditions, please contact or visit your veterinarian, an animal-specific poison control hotline, or your local emergency veterinary care center.You'll also want to refer to this info and check your contact info should your pet ever go missing, as we discuss in our Tips For Finding Lost Pets article.Again, the importance of regularly checking and updating your pet's microchip registry information cannot be overstated.So you headed to your vet and had the simple procedure done — your dog was in and out in minutes, and you had peace of mind. When to update This one is actually pretty simple and straightforward, and half of the answer has already been covered.There are really only two reasons why you would need to update your dog’s microchip information.

Additionally, we are NOT compensated if you choose to buy what we feature. As an online informational resource, Preventive Vet is unable to and does not provide specific medical advice or counseling.

And, should you ever lose a pet, here's some info and tips that will help you get them home safe.

your pet's microchip isn't just important, it's also quick and easy.

Below is a list of several of the pet microchip registires and programs for you to choose from.

To be safest, we recommend that you register your pet's microchip both with the manufacturer's registry and with the Found Animals registry.

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