Updating maven dependencies

The maven local repository is a local folder that is used to store all your project’s dependencies (plugin jars and other files which are downloaded by Maven).

In simple, when you build a Maven project, all dependency files will be stored in your Maven local repository.

Follow these simple steps and create a simple webapplication.

After updating pom.xml, Eclipse’s maven plugin should start resolving the dependencies. Jstl View; @Configuration @Enable Web Mvc @Component Scan(base Packages = "net.viralpatel.spring") public class App Config extends Web Mvc Configurer Adapter method is overridden and we enable default servlet handler.

Selenium Library) can be added to $/src/test/resources/robotframework/libraries.

Now, I modified the "myproject" file (the parent pom W) so that it includes a dependency Management section. If we perform a "mvn help:effective-pom" on "mytest", we can see that the commons-lang version number that is used in mytest's effective POM is taken from the dependency Management section of the "myproject" POM (the parent POM). [INFO] Searching repository for plugin with prefix: 'help'.

In case you still have questions regarding the plugin's usage feel free to contact the user mailing list.

The posts to the mailing list are archived and could already contain the answer to your question as part of an older thread.

A "dependency Mangement" section of a parent POMW can be used to manage the version numbers of dependencies in child projects.

If a dependency is listed in the dependency Management section of a parent, a child's effective POM is not forced to have this dependency in it.

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