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So, I followed the steps to clean up and then import the project. In my case the problem was a .settings-folder commited to svn. Another way is, you go to Problem tab, and find the Error, there is a hint saying that right click it and use Quick fix to resolve the problem.it contained the wrong settings (in my case the jdk was set to wrong location). In the Update Maven Project dialog, ensure that "Update project configuration from pom.xml" is checked. This issue has been fixed in m2e 1.5.0 which is available for Eclipse Kepler (4.3) and Luna (4.4) Please see https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?

Maven is - at its heart - a plugin execution framework; all work is done by plugins.

However in Java 1.6 the @Override annotation can also be applied to methods that are implemented from an interface.

Someone started using Java 6 and Java 6 features in the project, without updating the file to fix this. The fix was to set my JAVA_HOME to point to Java 1.6 and that was that.

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