Updating ipod do not disconnect

Right-click the i Pod and select Eject from the context menu.This should remove the i Pod from the list of devices and thus break the connection to your operating system.I have tried and tried to reset it by holding the menu key and the middle button but it still will not recognize it in Itunes.

updating ipod do not disconnect-51

Hey, I got my ipod to be found now and when i thought it was over it wasnt. Also, I cannot get rid of the 'do not disconnect' sign. I connected it to PC then it displays DO NOT DISCONNECT even I already unplug it to my PC it still displays DO NOT DISCONNECT. If that is not the case start it again and click on the Eject Disk icon in the lower right of the screen.Ejecting the i Pod in i Tunes basically disconnects the tie between the i Tunes software and the i Pod, so that you should be able to disconnect the device from your computer afterwards without issues.But don't worry, you can try several things to make the message disappear.If i Tunes is still running on your computer system close it and see if the message disappears.

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