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I even sewed some curtains together so we didn't have to worry about them parting all the time. It was a long project, but I watched a lot of movies (Netflix loves me) and finally got them done. One thing that we found when we went camping while the curtains were not quite done. I was getting really annoyed because the rings pop off of the hooks very easily. I was going through my bags and came across my small rubber bands and wrapped them around the hooks. So I got some new fabric Velcro and while the pop up was partially up I climbed in and put the seal back in. It worked great and was very pleased to see the before and after pictures.At first when I was doing the curtains for the beds I just sewed the drapery hooks on and was going to put the valance above. I then cut the valance in half and sewed it to the top party of the curtains and it turned out looking really good.They are lined on the back, cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter.The length was perfect to cut in half and sew the bottom so they don't fray.So this was the biggest eye sore to me in our pop up. My first thought was to buy fabric and sew the curtains. My husband says that it doesn't really matter to him what it looks like inside, but it so matters to me.

I got the longest length 84" and halving it, the 42" length was perfect making them not too long or short.Like sheer curtains, lace curtains can be used by themselves or as an under treatment.Generally sold in white and ivory lace curtains usually have a pattern theme woven into the fabric which allows the user to incorporate the theme into their window treatments.Grommet curtains have a metal grommet that the curtain rod is placed through which allows the curtains to slide without getting snagged on the curtain rod.This way you can control the amount of sun light entering your rooms creating the perfect environment for the summer months.

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