Updating ares

Close it all down and open ares, it will now connect and when the firewall comes back on in the 15 minutes you will still be able to use it hello... now that I have my computer working I tried again but it wouldn't connect again... 3.- wait about 30 sec and connect again after doing this it sholud connect and work right... You need Service Pack 2 in order to do this though.

try disconnecting it- wait 35 seconds-reconnect it- try that three or four times and it will connect, I just did it 5 minutes ago and I am on line now.

Hi, had same problem when I reloaded windows os,just says connecting and thats all,but as luck would have it.

I had my shared folder on a second drive,not on the default ares folder I do this to have more space for my downloads.

so that it will stay online so I can start downloading music.

updating ares-75

hey guys I have ares 2.1.1 I dont remember what other one I had when it didnt work but when I downloaded this one it wouldnt work either and I went to my firewall options and put this ares as an exception.

p.s the problem wasnt because of the port because its still the same:80 hi, I have the same problem too.

I have windows vista and it just keeps saying connecting but never connects.

everyone keeps giving the advice of checking the exceptions on each of your firewalls which I have done, and made exceptions for ares.

I have even turned them all off to see if it wors still with no luc k which means it cannot be a firewall problem...

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