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The Holocaust Commission was clear that the strongest way of delivering those benefits would be through the creation of a co-located Learning Centre.Following an extensive search of potential sites across London and a detailed analysis of Victoria Tower Gardens, the cross-party UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation formally recommended to Her Majesty’s Government that such a Learning Centre should indeed be co-located (below ground) with the National Memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens.It is intended to inspire reflection and compassion, and encourage present and future generations to respect and embrace difference.In parallel, a new Learning Centre is planned, subject to technical, financial, planning or other constraints, which will advance Holocaust education across the United Kingdom and help visitors develop a deeper understanding of how societal breakdown can, in the worst cases, lead to genocide.On Holocaust Memorial Day in 2016, the UK Government announced that the National Holocaust Memorial will be located adjacent to the Palace of Westminster in Victoria Tower Gardens, London.The Government has also been clear that in delivering this National Memorial it seeks to maximise the interpretative and educational benefits.Instead, it will use the architecture, design and interpretation to set the Memorial in context and to convey the magnitude of what happened, whilst ensuring visitors leave the site with a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and its victims.The first stage ran from Wednesday 14 September to Monday 17 October 2016 and was an open, global call for participation based on technical or professional capability and past experience.

Ten teams were selected to move to Stage Two, and they were asked to produce concept designs for the Memorial and Learning Centre.For some survivors – and those whose lives were affected by the Holocaust – survival stories can reveal glimmers of hope about human nature; for others, to perceive this moment in history as anything but unbearable is to compromise the Holocaust’s implacability.This was a two-stage international design competition and was run in accordance with EU procurement guidelines and the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.Three prominent monuments, dating from the mid-to-late nineteenth and early twentieth century, commemorate the expansion of suffrage, the abolition of slavery and civic sacrifice.The design challenge was to create an outstanding and sensitively-designed Memorial and Learning Centre that is emotionally powerful while offering visitors an opportunity to deepen their understanding of humanity’s darkest hour.

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