Ubuntu updating kernel

To some, Bluetooth might not be such a deal breaker, but I rely on both a Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth trackpad for my desktop, so this was starting to become a problem.It turns out that the issues were stemming from the 3.16 kernel.Both methods tell me that my system is up to date and I can't find 109 on any of the Xenial repos.

I cant take a screenshot since there is just a blank screen.

Recently, I'd noticed some shenanigans going on with my installation of Elementary OS Freya.

Bluetooth had become erratic and certain apps had started to bog down.

This is a serious boon for server admins, but it does require a bit more work than most desktop users are willing to go through.

The kernel in my sites is 4.0.5, and it includes improvements for: It should go without saying, upgrading a kernel isn't like upgrading a user-space application. However, for the most part, this isn't like the old days where you were compiling a kernel and hoping for the best. Even so, when you upgrade to a kernel that isn't found in Ubuntu's standard repositories (or a Ubuntu-derivative, such as Elementary OS Freya), be aware that the new kernel will need to be manually updated from that point on.

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