U s cellular dating policy

On Twitter this includes a display name (for example, “Twitter Moments”), a username (for example, @Twitter Moments), a password, and an email address or phone number.Your display name and username are always public, but you can use either your real name or a pseudonym.Information posted about you by other people who use our services may also be public.

In addition to information you share with us, we use your Tweets, content you’ve read, Liked, or Retweeted, and other information to determine what topics you’re interested in, your age, the languages you speak, and other signals to show you more relevant content.So are your hearts, comments, the number of hearts you’ve received, which accounts you are a Superfan of, and whether you watched a broadcast live or on replay.Any hearts, comments, or other content you contribute to another account’s broadcast will remain part of that broadcast for as long as it remains on Periscope.The lists you create, people you follow and who follow you, and Tweets you Like or Retweet are also public.Periscope broadcasts you create, click on, or otherwise engage with, either on Periscope or on Twitter, are public along with when you took those actions.

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