Tree ring cross dating software

Just count up the layers, and you know how long snow has been falling near the poles, right?Secular scientists believe these layers clearly mark the passage of time and date the earth—whether rings in trees, sediment layers on lake floors (called varves), or layering in the ice sheets.The content of the layers looks different in the spring and fall.So we can just count up the layers and know how long the lake has been there, right? The snow never completely melts in the summer and is covered by a new blanket of snow the following winter.These dating methods seem well founded and logical because we can observe these seasonal processes happening today.Based on these dating methods, old-earth proponents have constructed chronologies from tree rings they claim go back at least 12,500 years, lake-floor layers representing 50,000 years, and ice layers going back 800,000 years.

Each season, rains wash silt onto the bottoms of lakes.Yes, it’s true that the earth has cycles of constantly changing climate conditions, which we can observe in the way they impact animals, plants, and the environment.This is God’s wise plan for the nourishment and health of all life on earth, including us humans, who are made in His image.These days Methuselah is the old-earth poster child of Bill Nye “the Science Guy” and other secular science debaters who say we have proof that the earth is older than the Bible says.Tree rings, ice cores, and other natural records of seasonal changes, they say, prove the earth is old and the Bible’s account of history can’t be true.

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