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Propagating a tree by grafting or with rooted cuttings allows the production of individuals that are genetically identical to the original and are therefore members of a clonal family.

Tissue culture has become the preferred method of clonal production for some species of plants including several species of forest trees.

Over time a new willow that is genetically identical to the original tree will grow.

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When used responsibly, society and the environment can benefit from advanced tree breeding technologies.

This technology is also useful for moving clones across quarantine barriers since the cultures are free of insects and diseases and can easily be grown into mature plants.

A type of asexual propagation that literally means ‘organ genesis’.

An example of this would be a cross between a tree that has exceptional growth and one that shows resistance to a fungus that attacks that particular species.

This is an imprecise method of producing a tree with a specific characteristic because there is no control over additional genetic material being incorporated along with the desired phenotype.

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