Thunderbird rss feeds stopped updating

I can fetch stuff from public Facebook pages I need (without having a fb account) and create a RSS feed of them. Also, fuck Facebook and long live RSS and the open web.The standard news feed can be sorted in chronological order, true.The two of us still took a couple of minutes before he realised I had mistyped the server name used to send the mail.

I've had this at steampunk conventions, and it usually lives in my living room.

Feeddemon and others couldn't do that unless they connected to proxy-like services.

That was (to me) the biggest selling point of Google Reader: I could forget about if for two weeks but Google would happily and regularly download feeds while I was not connected.

As an aside, I also find it strange that the full feed of upcoming events for an area cannot be sorted by date. Without extra browser extension, you need to either open the link directly or click it all the time. Would be weird, they have been working hard for years to make fb as unhelpful as possible for me)I had to choose a replacement after Google Reader ended, and I chose the one with the best mobile app because I go back and forth a lot between laptop and cellphone. BTW my list of crypto/security blogs I follow: I like RSS and use it daily, however the main drawback is a lot of sites tend to truncate their articles and have a "read more" link.

Not so useful when you're in an offline environment like the London underground (where I usually catch up with my feeds at the end of the day)Facebook and Twitter suffer from the same issue though I'm on Giff Gaff which isn't one of those networks supported.

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