The joy of dating again

"This year I chose to make a statement on the red carpet like I always do.

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Not to be confused with the Urban Dictionary definition of Marleying – ‘when something is jamming’ – The Independent reports that the dating trend Marleying refers to exes suddenly reappearing at Christmas.

It was also in this entry that my friend claimed the male above watched us play table tennis, laughing when I missed a shot and staring on at my cookies in jealousy/lust. This time around, J**** from above (the one who was in love with his best friend) angered me by getting a NEW girlfriend and putting her at NUMBER ONE in his top friends. Then I woke up to find SOMEONE had eaten my crisps I bought Monday especially for a crisp sandwhich and there was no dog food so I rung mamaw then rung Janine.bought the dog food but not the crisps. I know this isn’t about boys and actually, looking back, it’s not really over dramatic because I react the same way now when someone eats my food but lolz.

Although I clearly loved the drama at the time, I can’t help but read over (and laugh and cry at) these entries and count myself lucky that I don’t have to deal with this type of sh*t anymore. Wiser than me and looking to put your practices into motion? Free dating sites such as are a great way to meet potential dates.

I commented his pic and he commented mine back saying ‘You look nice in that dress love x’ and usually I mail him first on there but the other day he emailed me first.

But anyway I see him in college, only plucked up the courage to say to him Hi once, but I see him a lot.

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