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Plus Burr writes very well and it has a real plot to it - it's not hard science.Funnily enough, even though I'm a huge Turinophile, I haven't got around to his book yet.Neither one is wrong; they're just using different jargon from different fields.Others here seem quite expert in the historical aspects. Both offer insights into the history behind a fragrance, not just a description of its notes.

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Martin-Hattemberg's Caron book is the bible for a Caron fan such as I am. I lucked out to find a new book at a reasonable price. There are others, including co-authored works, which I've not read.

It looked like 'hard science' to me and having read The Emperor of Scent, I thought I'd absorbed enough of the theory to understand it. Of course, I'm desperately keen to read his Perfume Guide!

I used to read his column in the NZZ regularly but it seems not to be popping up as a link any more. those links: hopefully this will take you to a search results page with a pile of links to Turin's monthly Duftnote column for the NZZ Folio

What should I read now that will teach me about perfume and tell me fun stories about perfumes?

I do not want to just read a guide of perfumes with one perfume per page with notes and facts, I want history and stories, written well! My two favorite perfume-related books are Reeking Havoc: The Unauthorized Story of Giorgio (Steve Ginsburg), and Perfume Legends (Michael Edwards).

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