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The Taliban had initially emerged as a new force in the southern city of Kandahar conquering many southern and central provinces not under Islamic State control in the course of 1994.In early 1995, as they launched a major operation against the capital Kabul, they suffered a devastating defeat against the Islamic State forces of Massoud in what many analysts saw as the movement's end.Because of this they discussed troop withdrawals and searched for a political and peaceful solution as early as 1980, but they never took any serious steps in that direction until 1988.Early Soviet military reports confirm the difficulties the Soviet army had while fighting on the mountainous terrain, for which the Soviet army had no training whatsoever.

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Following the September 11 attacks in the United States in 2001, NATO invaded Afghanistan under Operation Enduring Freedom.

The purpose of this was to defeat al-Qaeda, to remove the Taliban from power, and to create a viable democratic state to deny terrorists a place to recruit and operate.

Although some of these objectives were achieved, a protracted and costly period of intervention followed and continues as of 2018.

Afghanistan's resistance forces, known as the mujahideen, fought against the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. The Soviet Union had to withdraw its troops in February 1989.

Some factions received support from the United States, with the Pakistani ISI serving as the U. The Soviet-backed Afghan communist government survived for three more years until the fall of Kabul in 1992.

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