Sync disabled while the blackberry is updating settings

A Ford spokesman said the My Ford Touch name was killed not over negative associations with it but because consumers in testing tended to refer to the system as Sync. Referring to the system as Sync 3 follows the same protocol that Apple and many other smartphone makers use to differentiate each version of their models.

The company officially calls the current version “Ford Sync with My Ford Touch” in the U.

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“They’re feeling the pain of taking risks while others wait to see what Ford learns.”In developing Sync 3 over the past 18 months, Ford was influenced by some 22,000 comments and suggestions from users, Nair said.

It had thousands of My Ford Touch users test various prototypes at 30 clinics and on Ford’s virtual driving simulator, then adjusted the system based on their feedback.

Vehicles equipped with My Ford Touch will not be able to upgrade to Sync 3.

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Ford already has brought back many of the buttons and knobs it had replaced with capacitive sliders and switches that drivers and reviewers said were more distracting and difficult to use while driving.

Consumer Reports was among the most outspoken critics of My Ford Touch, unleashing its harshest words in a 2012 blog post titled “Why the My Ford Touch control system stinks.” The piece concluded: “We wouldn’t recommend dealing with the frustrations of My Ford Touch on a daily basis even to an adversary.”Whereas My Ford Touch divided audio, climate controls, navigation and phone connectivity into four quadrants on the screen, Sync 3 has a menu bar along the bottom of the screen with six options, adding “apps” and “settings” to the original four.

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