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For example, if the edema is the result of a damaged ligament, the swelling can usually be successfully dealt with once the damage to the ligament has been repaired.

More often than not, bone marrow edema is experienced by a soreness in a joint.

Most of the time, however, the cause of the edema is something not nearly so serious. One of the terms arising from the increased use of MRI scanning techniques is .

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In summary, our bones can indeed swell, but it is inside the porous inner structure where the swelling occurs.

The short answer is, that sometimes when you’re bones are hurting, the underlying problem is diagnosed as cancer.

It often takes an MRI examination to tell what is really going on in your bones, joints or cartilage.

Other serious causes of edema include a failure of the lymphatic system, or an accumulation of extracellular fluid in the brain. Our bones don’t swell, or at least we’ve never experienced swelling bones, or have we?

If we do experience bone marrow edema, is it something serious? The first thing to note is, while our bones don’t noticeably swell, there can be swelling in a bone’s . They are porous inside, and contain numerous blood vessels, tissue, and fluids.

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