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- Skills also generalize to relationships with co-workers, neighbors, peers, in-laws, etc.

improving relationships in the workplace, in school, in the community.

- Or, many programs do not require "in-person" training – the "training" is recorded on DVDs and supplied in the leader Kit.

Click on the "Teach Right Out of the Box/TOOB" section.

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The training on DVDs is "in a box" along with leader guides and workbooks.

You just need to know the material and how to teach it.

You can take a training course in person from the programs that require such training OR you can purchase a kit and begin teaching the programs that have puttheir training in a box (TOOB) on DVDs.

- Assume men and women are equally capable of learning the skills and are equally invested in having satisfying, successful marriages.

- Are effective across all economic and ethnic groups.

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