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(affected 71 times since 1871) Moves up an amazing 23 positions due to some cities being eliminated from database,some historical storms recalculated and being hit by TS Irma in 2017.

Bottom of the 2.06 group with only 12 huricane hits.(affected 74 times since 1871.) Affected by Tropical Storm Irma in 2017 and moves up 2 positions.

The most affected city in Florida has many brushes from Miami storms south and recurving Palm bch systems city has 31 hurricane hits.

Has far more hurricane hits than Savannah but less overall storms.

Area has had numerous back door extratropical systems from the Gulf and Atlantic. (affected 68 times since 1871) Hit by Tropical Storm Cindy in 2017 but drops 2 positions due to other city additions.

The most affected area in Louisiana as it sticks out into the Gulf.

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Under no circumstances may this code be reproduced on other web pages, however you are more than welcome to link to this page. Brushed by Hurricane Maria in 2017, this area has probably more brushes than any other area in the top 50 with many recurvatures just offshore.

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This city gets many back door systems from the Atlantic crossing into the Gulf.

Wind radii prior to 1990 are based on climatology rather than observed values but on certain storms research has allowed for more accurate wind fields.

Keep in mind when viewing this list that Florida and the Western Caribbean get the most action due to vulnerability of all 6 months of Hurricane Season.

As you head North of Georgia the hit rate goes up considerably from systems crossing from Gulf into Atlantic.

This is the most affected city in South Carolina by named storms.

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