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This strong gas smell is literally making me feel sick, anyone who gets in my car notices and they don't feel safe. I purchased a Land Rover Discovery Sport in March of 2016.My problem is that my warranty ends in days and I do not want this to now be a huge problem for me. By September, the coolant was leaking and they replaced the water pump.) then insisting on replacing the entire transmission against our wishes.Two weeks after the day of purchase and all along we refused in writing to accept the vehicle, yet Land Rover drove it to my place of employment and left it there.I have filed a complaint to the Driving Standards Agency, curious to see if anyone else has experienced this problem.

) breakdowns and clunking noises are all part of this heap of rubbish. Range Land Rover in Cardiff this morning and asked to speak to the salesman who dealt with me as I am awaiting on a part that came off my Range Rover SVR.I was driving my 2013 Range Rover Evoque earlier today and the steering failed and it started to makes a screeching noise.Fortunately no one was hurt but I was very disturbed by feedback I have received from x3 Land Rover garages.Was told the salesman was busy and would call me back, had no response for a couple of hours and decided to call back and this time I was told by the same receptionist that the salesman I wanted to talk to has a day off???I queried this with the receptionist that why was I told he was in and busy and now been told that he is not in work? I had ordered that part with them over a month ago and was advised by the salesman that this would take about a week to come and be painted, etc. I feel like I am being fobbed off by the dealership and I truly wish that I was fobbed off before I parted with my £109,000.00 for the vehicle I purchased from them last year as then I would've gone and sourced another high end vehicle from another dealership.

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