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Ian, after all, is the one who taught her to love flowers.

But when Ian’s elderly caretaker Hamish Mac Gregor shows her to the cottage upon her arrival, she finds the once resplendent grounds of Duncreigan in a dreadful shambles — with a dead body in the garden.

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Perez, who’s worked with Floyd previously, wants to enlist the former investigator in his efforts to put an end to Francis Hoyt’s criminal career.She needs Eddie’s services to find her missing brother Frankie Rizzoli, who sent her a cryptic message warning her to watch her back.Eddie falls hard for Carla, who hasn’t given up on acting.As Fiona strolls the town, she quickly realizes there are a whole bouquet of suspects much more likely to have killed Alastair Croft, the dead lawyer who seems to have had more enemies than friends.Now it’s up to Fiona to clear Hamish’s name before it’s too late.

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