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There are white Washingtons who are sometimes misidentified and have felt discrimination.

There are Washingtons of both races who view the name as a special - if complicated - gift.

Some historians theorise, large numbers of blacks chose the name Washington in the process of asserting their freedom.

Today there are black Washingtons, like this writer, who are often identified as African-American by people they have never met.

(Click here to see the accident report)As an astronaut, Major Lawrence emerges as one of the early pioneers of the space program by assisting in the development and testing of a variety of odd hybrid vehicles that would one day take man into space.

The development and evolution of the many space station designs over the past 30 years was possible because of men like Major Lawrence and all of the other astronauts who had overcome the fears, risks and dangers associated with space flight.

Washington was not a harsh slave owner by the standards of the time. He recognized marriages and refused to sell off individual family members.

Later in life he resolved not to purchase any more black people.

This design did not instantly occur on a designer's drafting board, but is the end result of years of research flying dating back as far as the 1950's during which time a variety of aircraft were used to test various theories regarding un-powered most popular aircraft of this generation is the X-15.

contribution to the current space program can be found in his early work as a test pilot who flew several of the F-104 Starfighter jet aircraft approach and landings tests at Edwards Air Force Base located in California.

It had been observed in the mid 1960's that if an F-104 was flown in a certain configuration (that is, landing gear extended, speed brakes down and drag chute open to increase the force of drag) that it could be used to test various theories regarding the gliding of a space vehicle to a landing on earth similar to that of the landing of the X-15 test aircraft.

According to Ron Chernow's new biography, Washington: A Life, the president abused his presidential powers and asked the Treasury Department to kidnap Judge from her new life in New Hampshire. Mr Chernow said: 'Washington was leading this schizoid life.

In theory and on paper he was opposed to slavery, but he was still zealously tracking and seeking to recover his slaves who escaped.'In his final years on his Mount Vernon plantation, Washington said that 'nothing but the rooting out of slavery can perpetuate the existence of our union.'This led to extraordinary instructions in his will that all 124 of his slaves should be freed after the death of his wife.

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