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When e-mail for the organization arrives on the provider's server, it's scoured for viruses, spam, and possibly other content before being forwarded.Some vendors go further and analyze outbound e-mail, making sure nasty stuff isn't being spread to the Internet, or, may provide keyword analysis for checking that the e-mail system isn't leaking critical information. (formed from the recent Betrusted/Tru Secure merger) and Front Bridge are two of the numerous vendors offering e-mail-centric services.One of the most popular business email platforms, Microsoft Exchange Server has a number of built-in email protection features.Among these are anti-spam and antivirus, as well as additional integrated filtering and multi-engine scanning capabilities, deigned to provide advanced protection.About the author Ed Skoudis, CISSP, is cofounder of Intelguardians Network Intelligence, a security consulting firm, and author of Malware: Fighting Malicious Code (Prentice Hall, 2003).Allowing end users to reset their passwords or unlock their own accounts poses security risks.

Passwords should be changed regularly to maintain security, and never shared or displayed indiscreetly.Unfortunately, managed AV services won't produce perfect happiness.While multiple scan engines, rapid virus signature updates and expert advice from a 24/7 service operation center (SOC) team are strong drivers for outsourcing AV, the reality is that you'll have some duties too -- beyond choosing a provider.Both Avaya and Verizon offer such services, built on top of Mc Afee's desktop anti-virus solution (Mc Afee does offer such services with its Mc Afee Virus Scan ASa P).Managed AV solutions of either nature can offer some real benefits, including: If these are tasks your team can handle and outsourcing AV is right for your organization, then you are also tasked with choosing a service provider.

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