Sims 2 dating a vampire

It's a system that traverses the entire world of The Sims from birth to death and everywhere in between.

We wanted to be able to add to that experience in Nightlife.

Sims also want to do fun things at home, and they are interested in a variety of skills and experiences. GS: Will there be a new career track that's geared toward the pleasure aspiration?

Once again, for example, in The Sims 2, romantic sims steered toward the slacker careers, whereas knowledge sims seemed to like the medical profession, and so on.

We recently asked Tim for more details regarding Nightlife, and he was kind enough to oblige us.

The dining system introduces a way to not only dine and socialize with a date, but with a whole group of friends. Two sims that are very attracted to one another will have socials available to them earlier than normal. TL: There are definitely new characters, and some old ones that are reappearing. If you don't want to search for the perfect date, just give her a call. The diva might be a little harder to get to know, for example. GS: What's with the supernatural element in the game?

So you really do get the sense that the relationship is moving forward quickly. The early artwork showed a sim with vampire fangs embracing a willing victim. Will Nightlife introduce the playable undead, or was that more of a hint at a goth club, or something similar?

TL: They will definitely have specific tracks that they are attracted to, but more likely you will see them interested in changing careers. GS: When we look at Nightlife, we're reminded very much of the Hot Date expansion for the original Sims. I think that the most important thing it provided was the opportunity to get sims out of the house to experience something new and similar to the lives that we lead.

Hot Date opened up a whole new world of dating interaction. And what kind of new interactions can we look forward to? Dating was part of that and Nightlife takes that gameplay to the next level.

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