Shutting computer down while updating updating living room

Reliance and non-reliance users, Reliance is closing its door for all its 2G and 3G customers on 30th November 2017.

I mean the last date to use 2G and 3G services on Reliance is 30th November 2017.

Sources are saying that Reliance’s spectrum (2G and 3G) validity is near to end.

As you all know that Jio and Reliance brothers and belongs to one family so their parents (Mr.

You need to follow few terms and conditions for it.

So guys, I successfully made a post on “Reliance Is Shutting Down 😭: Everything You Should Know “.

Everywhere I read it says that it may be closing because I may have a virus, but how do I get rid of the virus?

i just bought a used acer aspire 5315 laptop yesterday.i reinstalled vista on it and it was working fine, now today it keeps shutting off on its own after like 5-10 min. Im not sure if this is the problem or not.i tryed installing windows service pack 2 but the computer would always turn off before it had a chance to finish.

I replaced the cooling fan on my HP2000 and hinge on left side of screen.

So, from 1 December, you can’t use the 2G and 3G network.

If you still want to use Reliance network then you have to use its 4G services like Jio.

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