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One nice little feature is that lyrics are cached for offline playback so you can also read your favourite lyrics on the move.There’s also a karaoke mode where Evil Lyrics searches its karaoke database for lyrics but this is significantly more limited than the normal database.

However, continued growth of the technology will require it to step outside the bedrooms and home-offices of its current user base - tech and gaming enthusiasts.

Once installed, Evil Lyrics starts every time you open your default media player.

The window floats in a small browser style window at the side of the player but it can be minimised to the tray if you don’t want it sat there.

In the case of Winamp too, there doesn’t seem to be any way to minimize and restore Evil Lyrics when you minimize and restore the audio player itself.

Automatically searches and displays lyrics to current song in Winamp, Windows Media Player, Foobar, i Tunes, Real Player, Music Match or QCD.

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