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Unhygienic injection practices cause millions of infections world-wide: According to a 2014 WHO sponsored study, 1.7 million people were struck by hepatitis B, 315,000 with Hepatitis C and as many as 33,800 with HIV in 2010.

The world’s largest manufacturer and innovator of auto-disable syringes is an Indian company, Hindustan Syringes and Medical Device Ltd (HMD), which will push WHO’s global directive in public healthcare systems.

As Reshma writes: “The very fact that there is a schizophrenic in the family entailed not being invited to many functions or gatherings. ” Medication didn’t work for Reshma, since it dulled her senses and stole her inner voice, so she sought relief in alternate therapies such as painting.

Several friends stopped wanting to have anything to do with us. Existing beyond the label has been, and continues to be her challenge.

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Uniting differently-abled children is no small task.One of the foremost authorities on bipolar illness, Jamison courageously examines the disease from the vantage point of the patient and therapist, providing a wealth of information to the reader.Some conclusions are that there’s no single treatment for any kind of mental illness, and every person diagnosed with one needs a unique combination of medications and therapies to feel well.Today Reshma considers herself an advocate for mental health, and is the founder of The Red Door, which uses the social media platform to address issues of mental health and disability in the Personal accounts of mental illness are valuable in increasing awareness and enabling a better understanding for the general public.A book that has transformed the way we view mood disorders is An Unquiet Mind; A Memoir of Moods and Madness by Kay Redfield Jamison.

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