Sex dating in myanmar

I'll try it on Burmese ladies and see how it works Regards I know the novel character and I know that he was famous because he was a great seduce but I have no idea what is his approach about seduction.

I'm in pretty good shape and like to hike and do outdoor activities.

My best regards, Hi Soju thanks for your advice, but as I said in the opening post of this thread, I don't really have much time to go out for clubs and bars, but I'll try to, for sure that is always the best solution to meet people...

But then I am also wondering, you said that Myanmar ladies are not used to online dating and blind dates, but are they really used to go clubbing and drink in bars?

I've been here for a while already and to me all those nightlife place are the venue for prostitutes only. The good girls come in group with friends mixed of males and females.

You got to practice your public speaking before you blend into socializing. Yes, it is possible to meet normal Burmese girls in Bars and nightclubs, but you got to choose the right venues of course. The loner girls sit by the bar counter are usually CSWs.

I don't if it will work but I joined tagged and am already chatting with a new friend from Burma, so hope a good outcome will come from that.

It's just a shame that there is not a website specialized into Burmese dating yet.

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Hello Casanova,you might want to join some Myanmar Group on Facebook and then get to know the other members of the group. you might be lucky and then find what you are looking for.

My Public speaking skills are quite ok I guess, that's not what I am worried about.

However, if the girls come in group of friends with male and female friends, isn't it rude to aproach one of them, since the male friends might take it as an offense, happens in many other countries? Guess I need to give up a bit about online stuff and try to find some time to go out... Both GTR and Escape bar are a bit pricey since they are like unofficially number one Night club and number one Bar in town.

I read in some posts that it is quite an expensive place for a night out...

I didn't know about the Escape Bar, is it the one at this address, I found it while googling the name of the place : ?

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