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On November 29, 1883, the Trenton Delaware Fire Company played a "Marrieds vs. In 1885, the Trenton Eagle Potters - an apt name given Trenton’s prominent place in the country’s pottery industry - lost to Kearney’s Clarks ONT team on April 11 before defeating the Trenton Knights of Labor at Hetzels Grove in front of 1,200 spectators.On July 11, the Eagle Potters played a picked Trenton team at the East State Street grounds in Trenton, but no score is recorded.New concerns and a new trophy With the PAFU seemingly back on track, attention could begin to turn from making sure there were enough teams to sustain the league to improving the quality of play.A Philadelphia Inquirer report from December 13, 1890 on a match between Nicetown and Manayunk noted the sorry state of the playing surface, the need for Manayunk to get several last minute substitutes in order to field a full team, as well as the problem of finishing the game before it was too dark to see the ball.In the 1886-87 tournament, the Trenton Football Club defeated Paterson 3-2 on November 25, 1886 at the Trenton Cricket Grounds, after first drawing 1-1 on the road in Paterson on October 30.

Indeed, Trenton Association’s 4-0 loss to Kearney Rangers on October 24, 1885 in the first round of the second edition of the AFA’s American Cup tournament would mark the first appearance in the tournament by a team from outside the Newark-Paterson-New York area.

Nevertheless, the Inquirer reported on October 13, 1890 that "Association football is growing in favor" and that "the prospects for the Association were never brighter." On January 5, 1891, the Inquirer reported, "The Association game is gaining great popularity in this country and bids fair to rival some of the better known sports." This rising popularity was generally ascribed to "the absence of brutality and roughness from the game, and the science necessary to play well." Locally, this was "greatly due to the way in which THE INQUIRER has advocated the game." Games were played at the Germantown Base Ball Grounds, Frankford Junction, Stenton, and Wayne Junction.

Non-league matches against new clubs such as Enterprise, Celtic, Athletic, Thistle, Peerless, and Orianna also took place, as did a series of interstate games against Trenton Rovers and Trenton Association, the first of which was played on November 29, 1890 against Trenton Rovers and was won by Frankford, 4-3.

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