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“But at the point, he knows that I’ve seen him looking at me, and usually he is going to come over and say something to me, or if not, it kind of gives me the invitation to go over and say something to him.” Then comes time for even more direct contact: actual, physical contact.“If you’ve made eye contact, then you know that you can go into the next phase of talking to him,” advises Leigh.“We are always communicating, even when we’re not talking,” explains Patrick Wanis, a human behavior and relationship expert.“The majority of our attitude, in other words our feeling and emotion, [is] expressed nonverbally.

“Things like tossing your hair [and] arching your back a little bit are good signals.” Even if you’re sitting with a friend, you can send out “I’m approachable” vibes just by angling yourself towards the rest of the room.

“If you’ve been talking for a little bit, you know you can touch him; you can reach out and touch his hand for emphasis on a particular word [that] you’re saying or what have you.” Wanis suggests touching him briefly on the arm, the hand, or the shoulder while laughing.

“The moment you start touching him, you’ve broken that personal space, you’ve broken that barrier,” he adds. She’s interested.’ If you’re touching him on the side of his shoulder gently, you’re showing him that you are willing to get physical to some extent.” : Show off Unless the guy you’re into is insanely slow on the uptake – and therefore likely not worth your coveted collegiette time – he’ll have picked up on the signals that you’re interested. The most important question is, just how interested are you?

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